Missed Calls = Missed Opportunities

Turn Off Your Answering Machine And Save Your Sales

80% of Callers Won't Call Back or Leave a Voicemail...

A missed call is leaving money on the table. Bizzy is here to capture that lost revenue. Bizzy, Local Business Pro’s AI bot can answer the phone, book appointments, respond to web chats, and give general information about your business. 

Trusted by owner-operators and
Busy Small Business Owners

You Have Too Much On Your Hands...


As a business owner, you have to manage your employees and your customer’s schedule. A single mishap could mean full refunds, angry customers, or employees that sitting around wondering what to do.

Customer Support
If there is a problem then you are probably going to hear about it. As the owner, you have the power to salvage almost any relationship. Unfortunately, each relationship that needs saving takes up your precious time.
Marketing & Advertising
As a small business owner coming up with marketing and advertising campaigns is essential to grow but even with AI, a single social media campaign can eat up your hours very quickly.
Finances & Payroll
Bills and finances come with any business and yours is probably no different. Cashflow is the lifeline of your business and it can’t be short cut without major consequences.

It is time you Have a Tool That Works With no Hands...

Take Back Your time With Local Business Pro's Bizzy Bot

Never Miss a Sales Opportunity Again... Even when your hands are full.

Kill your voicemail and forward business calls to your own dedicated Bizzy Bot. With a 99.99% uptime, every call will be answered by a professional sales representative who knows your business better than anyone…
Except you, of course.

Answer Every Web Query With Lightening Speed

9 out of 10 people want to use messaging to interact with businesses but they don’t want to wait for someone to respond. Give them exactly what they want by embedding our chat bot on your site. It only takes a couple of seconds.

Meet Bizzy Bot...

Scheduling, Reminders, & General Questions

Bizzy Bot is designed to fit your business perfectly. When your hands are tied up on the job, Bizzy bot will answer the phone and respond to web chats so that you don’t leave any revenue on the table.

It takes only seconds to get up and running, and no code is involved. 


93% of consumers trust text messaging as a viable form of communication.


SMS message open rates can be as high as 98%


Response rates for business texts can be up to 45%


About one third of people have texted a business and have not received a reply

Empower Your Business & Never Let a Lead Slip Through The Cracks Again

Built for Contractors, Pest Control Owners, HVAC Specialist, & Other Home Services Professionals

Pest Control

Quickly book appointments before potential customers hit the back button and call a competitor. 

HVAC Specialists

Gather job details while your hands are deep in a furnace or measuring gas pressure.


Stay 100% present with your crew or customer to get your current job done while Local Busienss Pro schedules your next job for you.

But Don't Just Take Our Word For It

We had been looking for a way to increase productivity in the office and Local Business Pro filled in the gaps. With their advanced capabilities, we are now able to answer every call without missing any leads. It‘s made a huge difference in our daytoday operations. Highly recommended!

— Pestcom Pest Management

Keeton Alder

Founder & CEO

We are on a Mission

Local Home Services are filled with people that are outstanding with their traits but often don’t have the time to answer every customer query. We built Local Business Pro so that home service companies don’t have to choose between providing excellent service or growing their business. 

I invite you to give Local Business Pro a try. It takes only minutes to get a Bizzy Bot trained to your business and is 100% free. I am so confident that it will help your local business that if you think it was a waste of time, I’ll personally buy you a drink for wasting your time.