Can the AI receptionist understand different accents?


Whether it is an AI Receptionist or a real person listening on the other side of the phone, they might have struggles understanding what the caller is saying. One of the reasons that they might find it hard to understand what the caller is saying is because of the accent/dialect. There are more than 7 billion dialects in the world, 160 of these dialects are from the English language.

For example, American English accent is different from British English. Words in British English will sound different from American English and vice versa. Additionally, non-native English speakers may pronounce some English words differently from native English speakers.

How words are being pronounced may seem like to be a problem when the AI Receptionist will take the call. But fear not, Local Business Pro’s AI receptionist can understand diverse accents and is constantly trained and improved to recognize a wide range of accents, including regional and international ones.