Local Business Pro Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Local Business Pro Work?

How Does Local Business Pro Work? Local Business Pro uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to communicate with customers and potential customers of local businesses.  AI Voice When you sign up for Local Business Pro, you will get a unique phone number. Based on the business logic you wish to set up, you can connect your customers to your AI Assistant.  Forwarding Logic Examples No Answer Forwarding No answer forwarding is when you can’t answer your phone for any reason and instead of going to a standard voicemail it goes to the AI Assistant. This is super handy if you are an owner operator and your busy with a current customer or if your office staff is out at lunch. Either way, you can rest easy knowing that new customers are being taken care of. Phone Tree Another way you can use Local Business Pro is with a phone tree. For example, if you wish to send all new customers to the assistant and current customers to voicemail then you can utilize a phone tree. You might set something up where a current customer presses 1 and if your team can’t answer then it goes to voicemail. New customers would push 2

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What is Local Business Pro?

What is Local Business Pro? Local Business Pro is an AI Sales and Customer Service assistant designed specifically for home service companies like roofers, pest control, HVAC, and Maids. Local Business Pro also performs very well for industries like Veterinarians, Day Spas, and Nail Salons.  How Does it Work?

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