How Does Local Business Pro Work?​


Local Business Pro is a cutting-edge AI-powered platform designed to transform the way businesses interact with their customers. By leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, Local Business Pro offers a seamless and efficient customer service experience that is both innovative and intuitive.

Empowering Customer Service with AI

At the heart of Local Business Pro lies a sophisticated AI system equipped with Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities. This technology enables the platform to understand and process customer inquiries in a natural and human-like manner.

Inquiry Analysis

Each customer interaction begins with the AI’s analysis of the inquiry. Utilizing NLP, Local Business Pro deciphers the context and intent behind each question, setting the stage for a relevant and personalized response.

Response Formulation

With the insights gained from the inquiry analysis, the AI crafts responses that are not only coherent but also customized to address the customer’s unique needs.

Appointment Scheduling

Local Business Pro seamlessly integrates with the business’s scheduling system, allowing the AI to book appointments without conflicts, ensuring a smooth customer experience.

Lead Collection

During interactions, the platform efficiently gathers customer information, which becomes a valuable asset for future marketing campaigns and follow-up communications.

Product and Service Information

The AI comes pre-loaded with extensive knowledge about the business’s products and services, enabling it to answer queries and provide detailed information with ease.

Continuous Learning

Local Business Pro is designed to learn from each interaction. This continuous learning process enhances the AI’s ability to respond more effectively and accurately over time.

Revolutionizing Business-Customer Interactions

By automating customer service processes, Local Business Pro not only boosts efficiency but also elevates the quality of service provided. The platform’s capability to manage multiple interactions concurrently ensures prompt service, which is essential for sustaining a stellar business reputation and fostering customer loyalty.

AI Voice ​

When you sign up for Local Business Pro, you will get a unique phone number. Based on the business logic you wish to set up, you can connect your customers to your AI Assistant. 

Forwarding Logic Examples​

No Answer Forwarding

No answer forwarding is when you can't answer your phone for any reason and instead of going to a standard voicemail it goes to the AI Assistant. This is super handy if you are an owner operator and your busy with a current customer or if your office staff is out at lunch. Either way, you can rest easy knowing that new customers are being taken care of.

Phone Tree

Another way you can use Local Business Pro is with a phone tree. For example, if you wish to send all new customers to the assistant and current customers to voicemail then you can utilize a phone tree. You might set something up where a current customer presses 1 and if your team can't answer then it goes to voicemail. New customers would push 2 and they would forward directly to the assistant.

After Hours & Weekends

You can also set up the logic so that the assistant will automatically pick up for after hours or on the weekend. This is great because you are providing round the clock customer service.

A Mix of The Above

Depending on your phone carrier, you can set up multiple options. For example, you might set up a phone tree and for new customers, it first goes to your top sales reps. Then, if they can't answer, it will go to your Local Business Pro Assistant.

AI Chat Bot​

Local Business Pro also offers an AI Chat Bot that can sit on your website much like the one in the bottom right corner. This works by embedding a simple piece of JavaScript. Don’t know what Javascript is? No worries! Our support team would love to help you set up the assistant on your site.