Exciting Updates from Local Business Pro: Building the Perfect Product for You!

Exciting Updates From Local Business Pro: Building The Perfect Product For You!​

Welcome to the June update for Local Business Pro! We’re thrilled to share the exciting progress we’ve made this month, all aimed at making our product better for you. We’ve been listening to your feedback and working hard to address the pain points you’ve shared with us. Here’s a rundown of the latest features and improvements that will take your experience with Local Business Pro to the next level.

0:00 Hey everyone, welcome to June’s update of Local Business Pro. Um, we have been busy in June. I’m really, really excited for it. 0:09 Um, I just got done pushing. Um, pushing is a term to like you take code and you put it on the internet, right? 0:17 You put it live in production. But we just launched our partner program, right? So we’re going to be working with a lot of marketing agencies and helping them and their clients answer missed phone calls. 0:30 That one is really, really exciting. There’s a lot of cool billing dashboards that we are able release with them so they can monitor and help their clients. 0:39 Um, and then a couple of the other two things, two main highlights here. Now, there’s a lot of little ones, um, but I just want to kind of, you know, talk about the highlights here. 0:49 So, two other main highlights is that, um, we did the, um, there’s a wizard. And honestly, it’s kind of magical. 1:00 Right, so you know, might as well be, um, from Halloweentown wizard, right? Um, but the, the wizard’s actually really, really cool. 1:09 So, we noticed, the problem we were trying to solve with it is that, how do you get a business to basically download to just, you know, just like take it, right? 1:19 Just drain their brain. all of the, uhm, you know, little details that they need for their business, right? That they need an AI receptionist to be able to handle, right? 1:30 Appointment times, um, business hours, business location, service area, what services do you offer? How are your services different? How are you different as a business? 1:40 and that is actually one of the hardest things in running LocalBusinessPro is, is teaching our clients, our customers, how to think about AI, right? 1:47 It’s so new, um, and a lot of, a lot of, uh, people out there, like ChatGPT, like massive companies, just do like massive, you know, brain dump and then hopefully the large language model can, can, can handle it, right? 2:01 But I was actually over at my father-in-law’s house, um, a couple weeks ago and he was talking about how he started using ChatGPT for the first time and he, it was so hard for him. 2:12 He didn’t understand, um, how to get it to do what he wanted and sometimes the results are really good, sometimes the results are really bad and he didn’t learn any of the tips or tricks. 2:20 And so, that got me thinking, it’s like, what if we built something that was a lot easier? And so this, this magical wizard, right, is literally, as you’re going through it, you just say, hey, this is my business, it, you know, my industry, it creates a description, you modify that description and then 2:35 from it, it creates all of your services for you and you just basically have to say, yes, no, yes, no. 2:40 Yes, no, right, and then your whole account, what took, no joke, five hours for me to set up a, um, a business is down to ten minutes, right, that’s how fast and amazing this wizard is and, and if you think about it, like five hours to train a brand new sales person on everything in your business, that’s 3:00 pretty. Quick, right, but ten minutes is unheard of, so I’m really, really excited about it, we’re already having businesses see success with that, um, and what that means is that they’re, they’re, they’re usage of local business pros going up, their conversions are going up because it’s capturing more 3:16 of what their business needs, right, so really, really excited about that, And then, And the umm third thing here, I have it in my notes, umm. 3:26 Let me pull those up. Okay, the third thing is we’re talking about integrations, right, now integrations are the most important thing for us because we don’t want you guys in here every week copying and pasting. 3:40 Things from one software to another software, so we brought on a brand new developer and his, umm, he’s only gonna be working with integrations, right? 3:50 So, umm, we’ve got PESPAC, it’s by WorkWave, umm, and we are launching that. It’s in quality assurance right now, so it’s it’s, You know, not quite gonna make it into June, but it’s uh, the work and everything was done in June, so I’m including in this update. 4:06 Umm, really, really excited for that one. If you guys have any integrations that you want, umm, let us know, right? 4:14 We’ll go out and build an integration for that as quickly as possible. So, really excited for it to, umm, summarize. 4:20 We got our partner program that we just launched, our, um, wizard to help businesses quickly set up their AI receptionist and download all of their data that’s unique to them in their business. 4:32 And then the third is the PESPAC integration. For July, what we’re hoping to do is, umm, we’re hopefully going to be launching our mobile app, right? 4:44 It’s not July, it’s going to be in August. And we’re going to be doing a lot more integrations. Really, really excited for that. 4:51 We’ve got three more lined up. And then the, umm, so mobile app integrations. And then the- The other thing that we’re working on is a complete redesign of our services. 5:04 Now if you just learned about how this all works with our UI, you actually don’t worry about it, it’s going to be so much better because it’s going to allow not only local business pro to handle service based businesses really well, but also things like golf courses, umm restaurants, movie theaters, 5:20 right? Things that you have to have like a physical seat concert halls, rev, you know, umm non-profits, e-commerce, right? It’s going to be amazing what our new setup is going to be and I’m hoping that we’re going to have that done either. 5:34 Umm. It’s not going to be done by the end of July, who am I kidding? But umm it’s going to be August a whole, Hopefully if we can get it done by September as well. 5:43 Umm. Really excited for that. So if you guys have any ideas, suggestions on how we can make Local Business Pro better, we’re all about it. 5:51 So send those over and we’ll do our best to fit them into our roadmap. Umm. But this has been our June update. 5:59 I’ll see you guys later. Bye.

Partner Program Launch

First up, we’re ecstatic to announce the launch of our Partner Program! We’ve teamed up with marketing agencies to help their clients manage missed phone calls more effectively. This collaboration is set to revolutionize how businesses handle missed opportunities, ensuring no call goes unanswered. Along with this, we’ve rolled out new billing dashboards, enabling partners to monitor and assist their clients with ease. This program is a game-changer, bringing seamless communication and enhanced support to more businesses.

Billing DAshboard

The Magical Wizard: Simplifying Business Setup


One of the most exciting additions is our new setup wizard, and it’s nothing short of magical! Setting up your AI receptionist used to be a time-consuming task, but not anymore. Our wizard streamlines the entire process, making it incredibly simple and intuitive. It guides you through inputting all the crucial details about your business—appointment times, business hours, location, services, and more—in just ten minutes. Yes, you read that right. What used to take five hours can now be done in ten minutes!

Imagine the ease of training a new employee in ten minutes—unheard of, right? This wizard ensures your AI receptionist captures all the essential aspects of your business, leading to increased usage and higher conversions. It’s all about making AI accessible and efficient for everyone, even if you’re new to the technology.

Seamless Integrations: Enhancing Efficiency

Integrations are at the heart of our service, and we know how vital they are for your workflow. We’re proud to introduce a dedicated developer focusing solely on integrations. Our latest integration is with PESPAC by WorkWave, which is currently in quality assurance and will be live soon. This addition ensures you won’t need to spend time copying and pasting data between different software systems. We’re committed to building more integrations quickly, so if you have any specific requests, let us know—we’re here to make your life easier!

Looking Ahead: More Exciting Features

Looking forward, we’re gearing up for some fantastic new features. In August, we’re launching a mobile app that will bring Local Business Pro to your fingertips, no matter where you are. Additionally, we have three more integrations in the pipeline to further enhance your experience.

We’re also working on a complete redesign of our services. This redesign will expand our capabilities beyond service-based businesses to include industries like golf courses, restaurants, movie theaters, concert halls, non-profits, and e-commerce. Our goal is to provide a versatile and comprehensive tool that meets the needs of a wide range of businesses.

We Value Your Feedback

At Local Business Pro, we believe in continuously improving based on your feedback. Your suggestions are invaluable to us, and we’re committed to incorporating them into our roadmap. Together, we can create the perfect product tailored to your needs.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We’re excited about these updates and can’t wait for you to experience them. Stay tuned for more exciting news in our upcoming updates!