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Local business Pro

Single Account
Local Business Pro

$250/ Month

Includes $245 worth of Usage

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Custom Pricing

Contact Our Sales Team to get custom pricing based on usage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

At Local Business Pro, we charge for what you use! Each of our plans includes a fixed rate and then addition minutes or conversations. At the beginning of your billing cycle, we will collect the minimum. Then, based off of your usage, we will collect when you hit $25 or two weeks have passed (which ever comes first). 

The short answer is unlimited but a thorough answer is that currently, Local Business Pro only allows for one username / password combination per account. However, we do not track or block based on shared credentials. 

Yep! We have a couple built-in integrations to popular CRM systems but also have webhooks to connect to applications such as Zapier. 

Yes. With Local Busienss Pro you can pick one of our “out-of-the-box” ready assistant or build your own that will match your business perfectly. 

Yes we do! We offer a 14-day free trial when you sign up for Local Business Pro. 

Of course! When you sign up, one of our onboarding specialists will help you set up your account and get your assistant configured perfectly for your business. 

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