June 2024 Update — Partner Program, Wizard, & Integrations

Local Business Pro

Exciting Updates from Local Business Pro: Building the Perfect Product for You! Exciting Updates From Local Business Pro: Building The Perfect Product For You!​ Welcome to the June update for Local Business Pro! We’re thrilled to share the exciting progress we’ve made this month, all aimed at making our product better for you. We’ve been […]

How much does Local Business Pro cost?


Local Business Pro has affordable pricing plans for businesses of all sizes. We use a per-usage model where our prices get more economical the more you use it

The New Filter Function

New Filter Update

Exciting New Updates To Enhance Your Local Business Pro Dashboard Experience: New Filter Update​ Welcome to our latest update post where we dive into the newest filter feature for Local Business Pro! We’re continually striving to improve your experience and make managing your business smoother and more efficient. This week, we’re thrilled to announce significant […]

What is Local Business Pro?


Local Business Pro is powerful tool is engineered to handle many customer service tasks quickly and efficiently.

How to Set up Your AI Assistant

Local Business Pro Assistant Page

Local Business Pro Getting Started The Basics How To Set Up Your AI Assistant https://localbusinesspromedia.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/images/LBP+Demo+videos/LBP+Demo+Assistant+Settings.mp4 Meet Your New Assistant — How to think about your aI assistant Imagine you are hiring a new office assistant, sales manager, front-desk secretary, or any other position that interacts with your customers on a daily basis. To get the […]

4 Ways To Use AI In Your Business

Artificial Intelligence is so hot right now. Tik Tokers promise that you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year teaching people how to use AI or create AI products. But is it really all that great or is just a bunch of hype that is driving up their view count and their own […]